Residency Application

The House of St Gregory & St Macrina

An Ecumenical House for Students and Scholars and a Centre of Studies for Orthodoxy and Christian Unity

The House of St Gregory & St Macrina Oxford Limited (Registered in England, No. 628535) is a Registered Charity

1 Canterbury Road, Oxford OX2 6LU
Warden: Ms Rebecca White
Tel./fax. 01865 513117; e-mail: [email protected]

The House of St Gregory & St Macrina was founded in 1959 by Dr Nicolas Zernov, then Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies in the University of Oxford, as an ecumenical community for Christians from East and West, with the aim of promoting a greater understanding between these two traditions. The House is home to nineteen students and scholars from different backgrounds who are interested in Christianity.

Applications are encouraged from a wide range of both undergraduate and graduate students – Christians, those of other faiths, and those who profess no creed – who are sympathetic with the aim of the House and are eager to be part of an informal Christian community. There is one social event each term, including a Christian service, which all residents are encouraged to attend and at which residents may meet members of the House Council and other supporters of its work.

The House comprises two large Victorian buildings situated in north Oxford with a large shared garden. Shops and services are conveniently found on North Parade, just around the corner. Life in the House is informal. Residents live in individual furnished rooms (of varying sizes and rents) and cook for themselves in common kitchens. There is a coin-operated washing machine and dryer available for the use of all residents.

The House is well equipped for research purposes and visiting academics often stay in the House for short periods, especially during the summer vacation. For a moderate charge a guest room is available throughout the year for visiting scholars or friends of residents. There is a small but fine library rich in materials relating to the Church of the first six centuries. The House also allows residents access for light use to its wireless broadband network without charge provided that they have their own computer. Details of the seminars held in the House may be found on the House term card.

Residents are normally expected to sign a tenancy agreement for the full academic year (that is a minimum period of nine months). Rent is paid in termly instalments and includes background heating and hot water. Electricity used in residents’ rooms is billed separately each term. Letting of rooms to students of specified educational institutions (which include the Colleges of Oxford University) will be covered by the Assured and Protected Tenancies (Letting to Students) Regulations. Residents and guests are expected to abide by a few simple House Rules aimed at ensuring the safety and comfort of the House as a whole, which include no smoking.

The House of St Gregory and St Macrina, an ecumenical charity, serves as a meeting place for a number of groups interested in Christian unity, in which some of the current residents are active. It has particularly close links with the Orthodox community – the Orthodox Church is situated in the garden, and all residents are welcome to attend services nd to join other members of the congregation for coffee after Sunday services. The House nevertheless operates independently of the Orthodox Church and all groups wishing to use the ouse apply to the Warden. The Headquarters of the Fellowship of St Alban & St Sergius, which is also engaged in promoting understanding between the Orthodox and Western churches, is based in the House; and the St Theosevia Centre for Christian Spirituality is at No. 2 Canterbury Road.

Those wishing to apply for a room should fill in the accompanying application form and send it to the Warden, together with a letter of reference. Referees should be college chaplains, tutors or supervisors who know the applicant well. They should be asked to indicate the extent to which they believe the applicant would benefit from and contribute to the kind of community life described above.

The deadline for applications and letters is 12 May 2014, but applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. If applicants need an early answer they must apply by 3 March and a decision will be made by the end of Hilary term following a short interview. Otherwise rooms will be allocated, after interviews on 23 May, before the end of Trinity Term. If you have any questions about the House, or would like to visit it before applying, please contact the Warden.

Application for Residence

Rents of the rooms in the House vary according to size, and for 2014/2015 are likely to range from £89 to £116 per week. If offered a room would you prefer: