The House of St Gregory and St Macrina

An Ecumenical House for Students and Scholars and a Centre of Studies for Orthodoxy and Christian Unity.

The House of St Gregory & St Macrina was founded in 1959 by Dr Nicolas Zernov, then Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies in the University of Oxford, as an ecumenical community for Christians from East and West, with the aim of promoting a greater understanding between these two traditions. The House is home to nineteen students and scholars from different backgrounds who are interested in Christianity.


The House of St Gregory (of Nyssa) was founded by Dr Nicolas Zernov in 1959 and was joined in 1970 by the House of St Macrina. It functions in three overlapping ways: as an ecumenical residence for students and visiting scholars; as a meeting place for the Orthodox parishes in Oxford; and as a place of scholarly interaction for those with an interest in the traditions of the Christian East and West and in relations between the two.


The House accommodates 19 graduate and undergraduate students. Providing both a comfortable home and an intellectually stimulating environment, it brings together people of different religious background in the hope of greater understanding between traditions. A small guest room is available throughout the year. More rooms are available to students and visiting scholars for short lets during the summer vacation. For enquiries about accommodation, please Make an inquiry or Apply for residency.

Membership of the Association

If you wish to support the work of the House, you can become a member of the Association. Please contact the Warden for details.


The Library in the House of St Gregory and St Macrina constitutes an important collection of books and periodicals on the history, doctrine and worship of the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Churches. It has a particular strength in the fields of Patristics, Byzantine and Syriac studies. The core is the collection of Rev. Derwas Chitty (1901-1971). Fr. Derwas is best known as the author of The Desert a City, the classic study of Egyptian and Palestinian monasticism. The collection reflects his interests in early monasticism, the Desert Fathers and early Palestine.

The Library continues to acquire editions of Early Christian texts in their original languages including Armenian, Syriac and Greek. Some translations and relevant reference books are also purchased. Held with the House library is the collection of books and periodicals relating to Eastern Orthodox Christianity belonging to the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius. This contains much material that cannot be found elsewhere in Britain.

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays 2-4 p.m.; otherwise by appointment (see below).


Rebecca White
Tel: 01865 513117
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